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- May 24th, 2012


“Is Facebook making us lonely?” asks the Atlantic, in a well-researched article that verifies a life truth: as with most things, social networking is just a tool that can be used positively OR negatively; and the Huffington Post discusses “Three Ways to Find Happiness on Facebook.”

From Face Time to Facebook

Etiquette and safety reminders for online social networking

Who are your friends? People you know in class and your neighborhood? Or people who “like” you on Facebook?

This lesson explores how they can –and should – be both, and social networking is neither good nor bad – it’s a tool that can be either or both, depending on how it is used.

Chat rooms and social networking sites have many positive benefits, and can supplement IRL friendships as long as users understand and mitigate these three risks: 1) how to cultivate a positive online reputation; 2) how to keep information private; and 3) how to balance online activities with real-life pursuits.

Read on for more pointers on positive online engagement and then chat amongst yourselves….

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For Parents

Are social media and chat rooms good or bad? The answer is: it depends! This lesson gives teens four concrete steps for healthy online interaction, as well as underscoring the many benefits of social networking: from increased empathy to decreased feelings of isolation.

For Educators

Brimming with common-sense reminders for social media etiquette and safety, this curriculum specifically helps fulfill new FCC requirements for E-Rate funding, which state, “Beginning July 1, 2012, schools’ Internet safety policies must provide for educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms….”

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Check Before you Charge!

May 15th, 2012

Ecommerce safety you can bank on

“Clicks,” as in shopping with your mouse, have replaced “bricks,” physical stores, for many shoppers today. It’s an efficient and effective way to save time and money, in many cases.

But you shouldn’t be any less cautious online from your computer or smartphone than you would be in line at a store. Whether buying or banking, ecommerce has risks and rewards.

Read on to find out the simple trick that helps you know whether a website is safe, how to safeguard your personal financial information, how to choose a secure password, why you must build and protect your credit score and how to make PayPal your pal.

Learn more about the steps you must take to avoid getting ripped off or having your identify stolen when engaging in ecommerce!

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Txt + Drv = Total Fail

- March 28th, 2012

2 Seconds Matter: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Would you let someone cover your eyes for two seconds while you were driving? No way. But it’s no different when you glance down to text, email or check in while cruising down Route 66.

Teens will be surprised to learn that if they are on the freeway going 65 mph, a quick two-second glance to read a text means they have driven nearly two-thirds of a football field without looking. And those precious seconds can kill them, their passengers or the people in other vehicles. More than 3,000 people died, and thousands more were injured, due to distracted driving in 2010 alone.

This lesson discusses eye-opening statistics on the perils of distracted driving and alerts teens to the hazards of looking away from the road, plus offers tips for avoiding the temptation of phone use while driving.

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